Careers with CMEIG members

What sort of industry is the construction & mining area?

What sort of industry is the construction & mining area?

What jobs might suit me?

Not sure about your career in this industry?  A good place to start is to make a list of the activities you enjoy and see if you can match those activities with a career in the table below.

Select your activity



Remote controlled games/video games


License training

Selling stuff to people

Sales person


Team sports

Sales manager


Making stuff

Metal fabricator


Keen on maths & physics



Fixing stuff



Computer programs

IT or technician

Degree or Diploma

Typical position descriptions you will find with member companies

The following positions are samples of the position description of various jobs in member companies.  Each job title has a brief description of the role and common tasks that may be expected in the job.  Some companies with a small workforce may combine tasks in some situations.

Plant Mechanic
Metal Trades Assistant
Mechanical Engineer
Assistant Workshop Manager
Heavy Vehicle Driver
Automotive Electrician

Field Service
Automotive Spray Painter
Client Services Manager
Branch Manager
Sales and Marketing Group Manager

Where to from here?

Whether you are into machines or technology, building bridges, working in the office or in the bush – the options are endless.  If you are interested in a career with a manufacturer or supplier of construction and mining equipment contact a member company.

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