Engineering Working Group

Osama Ali (Caterpillar) - Convenor

The aim of this group is to:

  • Represent the industry on various Australian standards committees to ensure standards are developed in line with industry requirements.
  • Liaise closely with WorkCover organisations in all States/Territories to ensure government regulations are matched to industry requirements and standards.
  • Advise on all technical issues relating to the operation of construction and mining equipment in regard to such issues as safe working practices and risk assessment.
  • Harmonisation of industry standards and regulations

Reports & papers

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Presented below are a range of engineering papers and reports outlining specific safety issues from incidents or researchers.

ISO_DIS_13031_(E) - 02 July 2015
Chain Shot Phenomenon - 18 September 2008
Position Paper - Lifting Lugs - 18 September 2008
Position Paper - Vandal Covers - 17 September 2008

Public Reports

NTC Load Restraint Guide - download
Heavy Vehicles – Operating Conditions for oversize and overmass vehicles - download

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